Trust your vessel’s service in the hands of experts

You have travelled in your yacht to inaccessible beaches with crystal clear waters and enjoyed your cruises on her to cosmopolitan islands.
Don’t you think it’s time to visit BATSIS YACHT SUPPORT?

BATSIS YACHT SUPPORT offers specialized service for any type of vessel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and anywhere in Greece. Thus, your “precious” can enjoy the care she deserves, while you will be enjoying your holidays without unexpected surprises!

BATSIS YACHT SUPPORT professionals know the importance of yacht maintenance, as it is considered synonymous with safe and comfortable sailing. Our love for the sea, our experience in the field of yacht service, as well as our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment guarantee the best possible result and our customers’ maximum satisfaction. You only have to plot your course and entrust your vessel’s care to our specialized technical personnel.

BATSIS YACHT SUPPORT undertakes a vast range of technical works; from vessel maintenance to large scale repairing. The works include: vessel general cleaning, varnishing, waxing, biological cleaning, fiberglass, gelcoat, and GRP repairs, teak deck care, wood maintenance, vessel general painting, spot painting, engine-room maintenance, electrical and plumping system maintenance, installation of electronic and illuminated lettering by plexi & led, cleaning of bilge and metallic parts, hydro-blasting, antifouling paint application with airless sprayer, anti-osmosis protection, plastic-coating, and waterproofing.

For more detailed information on all the repair and maintenance technical works please follow the Yacht Support Service link in the main menu.

Enjoy your navigation through BATSIS YACHT SUPPORT site!