Yacht Support Service

In BATSIS YACHT SUPPORT we undertake the repair and appropriate maintenance of your vessel and its systems, so that you can navigate the seas comfortably and safely. Prevention is always better than treatment, so we advise our customers to regularly schedule maintenance works. Once a year the vessel should be hauled, so that necessary technical controls take place, new antifouling is applied to the hull and rusty parts are replaced. The professionals of BATSIS YACHT SUPPORT are available to inform you on all technical matters that regard winter maintenance, preparation of the vessel’s launching, and engine-room maintenance.


  • Hull and metallic parts hydro-blast during hauling
  • Exterior cleaning
  • Machine cleaning with fresh water
  • Engine room cleaning and maintenance


  • Hull scrubbing
  • Cleaning of metallic parts (Helms, Brackets, Flaps, Propellers)
  • After scrubbing, hull cleaning with chemical products
  • Hull primer (if necessary)
  • Hull and metallic parts antifouling
  • Anti-osmosis treatment (if necessary)
  • Anodes’ replacement
  • Propeller polishing
  • General polishing


  • Valves and pumps maintenance (replacement if necessary)
  • Engine room cleaning, oil and water removal
  • Detailed engine-room painting
  • Filter and water-trap cleaning
  • Battery maintenance (replacement if necessary)


  • Teak repairs (washing, cleaning, replacement of damaged Sikaflex)
  • Fiberglass repairs and restorations
  • Crack repairs
  • Varnish (polyurethane) and Gel-Coat application
  • Chain and capstan motor repair or replacement
  • 3M sun control films application Windscreen wiper (and motor) replacement Pillows, covers, tents cleaning (replacement or repair when necessary)
  • Inner space biological cleaning (WC, Bridge front, Bilge, Filters, Valves, Pumps) Tender base installation
  • Security systems recapping
  • Any type of polyester repairs (Mirror reinforcement, new polyester boxes)