BATSIS YACHT SUPPORT is a luxury yacht repair and maintenance company established in 2008 by Evangelos Batsis. Since its establishment, it has displayed significant development; constantly expanding its clientele, along with the range of its provided services. Today BATSIS YACHT SUPPORT ranks among the most successful and developing companies in the field of yacht service.

This is not accidental. Our company provides specialized technical services and uses state-of-the-art technology, responding to every different need and particularity of each vessel type. Our goal is to achieve not only an optimal aesthetic result, but also an excellent mechanical condition for you vessel; so that you can travel safely. All in all, BATSIS YACHT SUPPORT philosophy is to establish confidence-based relationships with its customers.

BATSIS YACHT SUPPORT personnel include professionals in all specialties ready to offer round-the-clock specialized advice and support.

In BATSIS YACHT SUPPORT we believe in utilizing every experience; thus, having as a clear and precise criterion our successful course to this day we haven’t ceased to develop. Finally, thanks to the high quality services provided at the best rates combined with our expertise and state-of-the-art technological equipment, BATSIS YACHT SUPPORT has gained a competitive advantage in the field of yacht service.